Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is the use of ketamine in a supported therapeutic setting with an emphasis on preparation sessions, the ketamine experience itself, and integration sessions afterwards to reflect on insights gained during the experience. Ketamine can help soften psychological defenses, allowing for contact with difficult material in new ways as well as deeper self reflection and therapeutic processing. In higher doses, it can induce psychedelic experiences. These experiences can help you in a variety of ways, bringing clarity and insight into your struggles, and facilitating a sense of meaning and interconnectedness. 

KAP can be helpful for people experiencing anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, and difficulties with substance misuse. Relief from depression can be almost immediate and while these effects tend to be temporary after a single ketamine treatment, multiple treatments can have a cumulative effect for long-term change. The departure from ordinary consciousness can make space for new ways of thinking, new ways of relating to yourself and others, and opening to your inner healing intelligence for sustained growth.

I offer KAP as a component of ongoing psychotherapy as well as for focused short-term work which may be adjunctive to your work with another therapist. We'll start by exploring whether KAP might be beneficial for you at this time. If we decide to proceed, I will refer you to the medical team I collaborate with for an evaluation, and if appropriate, they will prescribe you sublingual ketamine lozenges for use in session with me. We will spend a minimum of two sessions together preparing for your first ketamine journey, addressing any concerns, discussing hopes and intentions, and making plans for before and after to optimize your healing experience. After the ketamine journey, we will meet again within two days to begin integrating your experience. The number and frequency of ketamine sessions will depend on the issues bringing you to this work. The effects of ketamine assisted psychotherapy are cumulative, and for most people, a minimum of four ketamine sessions are recommended. I primarily offer preparation and integration sessions online, and ketamine sessions in my office, but this can be flexible based on your needs and my availability.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Fees

Preparation and integration sessions (50 minutes)- $220

Sublingual ketamine sessions (3 hours)- $750

The costs of the medical evaluation and the ketamine itself are separate.