I specializing in the following areas:

My primary ways of working are Attachment-Focused EMDR, harm reduction therapy, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy.  Our work together may include somatic and expressive arts practices. I also have training in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, which can be incorporated as needed. Therapy is a collaborative and individualized process. We will work together to find what will be most helpful to you.

Animal Assisted Therapy

The presence of a dog can be quite healing for many people. A dog might help you relax, regulate your nervous system, feel more comfortable, and feel more present. Looking at or petting a dog during therapy can sometimes make it easier to talk about hard topics. A dog who wants to be petted can even help you practice setting boundaries. My therapy-assistant Babka is available for most online sessions. He can be present for in person sessions as well if that is something that would be beneficial for you. We can talk about that together in our consultation appointment or when we first meet.